When Your Life Isn’t Your Own

Tony-ContentA Random Thought ~

I just love this guy. In case you don’t know, this is Anthony Wayne Stewart. You may know him as Tony Stewart, 3-time Nascar Cup Champion, driver of the #14 Bass Pro Shop / Mobil 1 / Chevy for Stewart-Haas Racing; a company he co-owns with Gene Haas.

This week in between racing in his regular job in Nascar, Tony went out and raced on dirt for his own World Of Outlaws (WoO) Sprint series team.

It dawned on me, Anthony’s life is not his own. If he’s not racing for his company and sponsors, he’s showing up at sponsor events, working for one of the many charities he sponsors or sitting in his office trying to do the business of an owner to keep the other 2 Nascar teams he owns, or the other 2 WoO teams he owns, or the other USAC team he owns running and being competitive.

He doesn’t have time to give to his own personal life, because so many other people are depending on him for their livelihood. Instead he has a dog, named Hank. Someone who never yells at him, loves him regardless of his mood, will never leave him and will always be loyal.


I could be like Hank. I have the nature of a wolf. We’re loyal, sometimes to a fault. We mate for life. And we love to take care of our family before ourselves. All I need is to be respected and loved in return. And I LOVE racing. I could follow him around from place to place without complaint.

It’s a shame we have to make choices like this. Achieve your dream and you may be living it alone, without someone to share it with. Have someone to share with and you maybe living a nightmare struggling for a place to live or food to eat. Why can’t we have both?

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