Maybe You Shouldn’t Be In News

ktvuA Random Thought ~

Heard the news today about a News Anchor at KTVU “Reads Prank Asiana Pilots Names on Air“.

The NTSB has apologized to KTVU in Oakland for those ridiculous names the station aired on its noon news today, as the flight crew of Asiana flight 214.

A person identified only as a “summer intern” at NTSB erroneously released the bogus names and the agency “deeply regrets” today’s incident. Whoever that college kid is – I’m sure he’s now banned for life in government work. Still, the station should have known better.

I get that the anchor was simply reading the teleprompter. But someone had to put this graphic together, or copy/paste these names. No one at the stations second guessed or questioned this list? I’m sorry but this is the problem with today’s news agencies. It’s more important to get the story first, than to get it right.


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