He Doesn’t Look Crazy

rollingstoneA Random Thought ~

Rolling Stone has the Boston Bomber on its cover, looking like a rock star. CVS pharmacies says “no thanks,” – we’re taking it off our magazine racks. Way to go CVS? or – mind your own business CVS – I’ll decide whether I want to buy it, I don’t need a retail store trying to censor my news or my emotions. If it bothers you as a store chain, put a brown cardboard in front of the cover the way most stores do with Playboy or Penthouse.

Americans have become way too sensitive over words and images. You cannot stand up and scream at the top of your lungs for Freedom of Speech and then yell and point fingers at someone who is exercising that Freedom! The whole point to this cover is that exactly what that first line of this post says. “He looks like a rock star, not a crazy nut job who committed mass murder”. How many times have we seen a News Reporter talk to a next door neighbor about the guy who killed a number of people and buried them in their backyard say “He looked like a regular guy”?

While you’re looking for the crazy looking weirdo, the real terrorist is walking right past you…looking like a rock star.

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