Letters: Another Blasted Problem

Letters To MyselfLetters To Myself ~

After not being able to sleep last night, I got up before the crack of dawn..literally. Got my work done, went through the job postings, took a pick of the sun rise, wrote a poem, fixed a computer problem… it’s really annoying when you plug in your camera, download the pictures, unplug the camera and suddenly the USB ports stop working!

Thankfully all it took to fix that was to uninstall the ports from the Device Manager, shut down the laptop and start it back up. Though it really is nerve wracking worrying that doing this will make things worse instead of fixing the problem. But it worked.

So I was able to goof off a little, went out and sat in the lake, got sunburned on my shoulders, showered and caught up on my TV show. After which I actually took time to do absolutely nothing and sat for 20min on the couch trying to sit quietly and take a nap/rest whatever.

Not a bad day all things considering…until the child says we have no hot water. Sure enough the hot water heater isn’t working! The fairly brand new hot water heater that was finally paid off, free and clear!

I’m getting fucking tired of trying to get through one damn day without stressing out only to be hit in the face with another fucking problem we can’t fix because we don’t have the g’damn money.

Rant done. And I don’t give a rats ass who cares or doesn’t care about it.

~ Victoria Lynn

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