English Toffee



Oh Yes, Please!

As you get older, your tastes truly change. Things you never thought you’d like when you were younger become some of the things you crave the most when you’re older. Even things you actually tried as a youngster and couldn’t stand, maybe one of your favorite things when you reach 30 or 40 or plus that. 

English Toffee is one of those things for me. I had tried it when I was younger. At least I know I had some before I was 10, because it was one of my grandmother’s favorite treats.

I remember I thought it was awful. When I was in college, I would always go by my Grans house on the way home and check in on her. One day I brought her a couple of little bars of toffee from the candy store in town and it made her day. Again she shared a piece with me and again I thought it was awful. 

When I was in my 40s the company I worked for gave out bonuses in early spring. I would always treat myself to two special presents for doing a good job and working hard the previous year to achieve qualification for the bonus. It was based on your performance you see. So I would buy myself a present and a treat. One year I stopped in a candy store at the mall near the office to treat myself to my favorite… peanut butter fudge. But they were out and the next batch wouldn’t be complete for several hours.

Next to the fudge display however, there was the English Toffee. My Gran had passed by this time, but seeing the toffee made me think of her and I decided to give it a go. Oh my stars it was like melting heaven in your mouth. Now I understood why she liked it so much!

Today I found the best recipe and boy do these look good! The recipe is at ShugarySweets.com. I’m going to have to give this a try one day. In honor of my Gran.

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