Thoughts – Making A Few Tweaks

witchshatA Random Thought This Morning ~

I’m rather liking my new little blog here. This morning I updated a few images to it’s identity and made a few tweaks as well. Even if no one else sees or reads this, it satisfies my need to connect to, well, anyone really.

Sometimes we must take the time to make it all about me to feel valued. If you don’t think you have value, how is anyone else going think you have value? Someone told me that once. Like yourself and others will like you too. 

One thing I’ve decided after a few short weeks with my new blog…I need to work on a picture of me that doesn’t reveal too much of my somewhat hidden identity. Hmm, I’ll work on that today I think. Something with a hat perhaps.

Update: 08/2013
Well I didn’t work on it that day, but I did contemplate what I wanted to do. A hat was definitely the way to go. But I have a lot of hats. Which one? I have Victorian hats, cowboy hats, big hats, racing caps, straw hats, garden hats and leather hats. A few hats with feathers, several with flowers, a few with lace. And it hit me, pink roses, feathers and lace. I have a hat like that! 

2013-08 Victoria Lynn

So there you go. Me in hat.

VR-Hanko ~ All Rights Reserved ©

 © 2013 Victoria’s Rose ~ All Rights Reserved.

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