Thoughts – Judge Not

Original Image from The Lady of Shalott - The Film

Original Image from The Lady of Shalott – The Film

A Random Thought ~

“Judge not the fool who stumbles before you. For you maybe looking in a mirror.”
Old Cherokee Proverb

Judgements are something we make every day. There’s no way you can go through a single day without making at least one. Perhaps you need to judge the weather so you know what to wear. Or maybe you make a judgement about a gas station and the number of cars at the pumps before you pull in to gas up. Making judgements isn’t a bad thing.

How you apply those judgements, or what you apply them too is perhaps the issue.

I’m tired of being judged because I don’t have a job or an income. For me this condition is temporary. But how I’m to solve it is a dilemma, as it relies on others in many ways. And I cannot control what they do, see or how they judge me.

It’s the not being in control of my own destiny that’s the hardest part of my day and thinking process. I know I’m good at what I do. I know I can do the job that’s associated with the position I’m applying for. So why can’t others see that confidence and assuredness when they see me? I wish I knew.

There by the grace of what ever Divine force you believe in, goes you. So be careful who you judge on sight. Whether it’s by physical view or viewing a resume or application. For one day, you maybe looking at yourself.

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