Letters – And The Hits Keep Coming

Letters To MyselfLetters To Myself ~

And not in a good way. I mentioned in Pain and Sympathy that even if my dream house were foreclosed on, we couldn’t go anywhere because the trucks don’t work, we don’t have valid tags, because we haven’t been able to pay the property taxes.

And today the new hit to the gut. We were late one time on paying the car insurance. Last month actually. We finally paid it, but it was 3 weeks late. This month’s payment is 3 days late and they cut us off. So now, we have NO car insurance and need $167+ to reinstate it. Great. Since no one will give me a job how the hell am I supposed to come up with that.

Once again I had to swallow my pride and call someone. I don’t think some people realize how hard that truly is. When you’ve worked your whole life for what you have and have always been the single person to take care of yourself and your needs, it’s one of the hardest things to do. 

But, I did it. I picked my middle sister. who I had to call Tuesday and ask for $15 so I could get milk, bread and maybe some cheese for us to eat.  Her response?… Have you had any interviews at all? Explain to me how an interview is going to give someone a measly $15? She spends more than that in a single day on gas. I can’t be too upset about that response, she put $50 in our account.  

I saw the email come in from the car insurance and since she’s the controller of my Mom’s money, she’s the only go to person. I said, I doubt you can help me and I didn’t want to call, but I have this car insurance problem. This time, did she say ok, let me see what I can do? Nope.

My sister, the FOX News prejudice Republican bigot wants to know why I haven’t applied for welfare. Technically I’m not married and have a son. Why haven’t I asked for their help?

Hey, asshole..Virginia is a Republican state, you have to be destitute to receive aid. I own a house (until it goes to foreclosure) and 2 vehicles. Even if they don’t work. I’m not qualified for welfare or food stamps. Welcome to your Republican world.    

~ Victoria Lynn

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