Tea & Coffee – A Proper Menu

3tiertrayWhat To Serve Your Guests ~

What you serve at your Tea Time event, will depend on what time and what type of event you hold. Is it High or Low Tea?

Low Tea Menu:
Low tea is held in the afternoon where you present a lighter fair of finger foods. It’s also the time to use your 3-tier serving display.

At this time of day, the proper menu consists of Scones, which are placed on the top tier. These can be plain scones that are served with various jams and jellies placed in elegant serving dishes on the table. Or flavored scones that are served with butter or the traditional clotted cream.

Finger sandwiches in the center. These can be traditional cucumber sandwiches on varying types of bread. Or spice it up with chicken, tuna or egg salad sandwiches. Or any of your favorite type of light filling. There so many to choose from, don’t be afraid to something new. 

Place your sweets and treats on the bottom tier. Sweet cakes lightly frosted, cheese cake topped with fruit, or small decorative fruits stuffed with cream. One of my favorite of these are strawberries stuffed with cheesecake. They’re the perfect size and so yummy. 

Again you want to serve a lighter fare on your menu. You don’t want your guests getting filled up on heavy items and feel bloated or sleeping during your conversation time.


Of course you don’t have to use a 3-tier stand to serve your treats, sandwiches and such. Using decorative plates also work and it can help you provide more items on your menu. But if you do this, don’t place only one item per plate. That would mean your guests are stepping over each other to get to the goodies you’re providing especially if your table is for a larger gathering of friends. This isn’t a big deal for small parties, but you can make your settings look more decorative and colorful by mixing items as appropriate.

High Tea Menu:
High Tea is dinner time and it’s not the place for any type of tiered serving tray. Your dinner table should be set as elegantly as possible, as your guests should also be dressed equally the same.

This is where you serve heavy meats with gravy or some type of topping. With soups, potatoes and vegetables in a sauce. Wines are typically served during dinner. But tea can be served prior to the first dish (usually a soup). Or it can be served after dinner and before dessert. Some people may prefer tea with their dessert instead of coffee, so consider that as well.

However, coffee aids in digestion and is properly served after dinner is complete in the drawing or sitting room. It also helps your guest stay awake after their heavy meal.


As time goes on, I’ll post some recipes perfect for Tea time events.

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