Letters – Still Treading Water

Letters To MyselfLetters To Myself ~

Well I don’t know how we managed it, but we’re still holding our heads above water. Perhaps I should say, we still have water running on our heads. The water cut off has been adverted thanks to one of my Man’s nephews.

Actually he’s a Nephew in-law. And he’s the only who even acknowledge my plea for help. He’s a mid-20something kid and the only one with enough compassion and respect for his Uncle to step up and help.

I don’t care what people say about the younger generation being self absorbed and all me, me, me. There are some who are honestly pretty good people who still care about others.

Some how we also managed to make a deal with the mortgage company as well. How that happened I’m still not sure. But we adverted another foreclosure. Our original mortgage company went out of their way to screw us. We applied for a mortgage re-assessment under the new “Making Homes Affordable Act” and all they did was try to stonewall us and foreclose on the house. 

When I bought my dream house I made sure I didn’t buy a house I couldn’t afford. That’s why I drove 2 hours to and from work every day. Because I could afford this place on my salary and not be house poor. AND I made sure the house was worth what I was paying for it. I did my research before I made an offer here.

Within the first 5 years, my house tripled in value. When the bottom fell out of the real-estate market, It only lost one-quarter of its value. So it’s still worth a little more than twice what my mortgage is. Of course the Big Bank Mortgage company wanted my house. Taking it over would help them recoup the losses they suffered on other loans that are under-water. So when we applied for modification under the new Home Act, they kept changing the rules, asking for more documentation, saying they never received other information we provided, claiming we didn’t provide documents quick enough and doing everything they could to force us out. They’d call 7 to 10 times a day, EVERY DAMN DAY! How is the situation I talked to you about at 8:30am going to be any different at 8:55pm?! It was sheer harassment! And they were nasty and heavy handed, talking to us with total condemnation as if we were some type of criminals. I hate those people and that company!

Part of the Home Act is giving people a chance to work credit counselors through the HOPE program. We called them too. And with their help we learned that we qualified for modification. We sent all the required information to them and they sent it to the Big Bank with a recommendation to modify our loan. During a conference call with the Big Bank and the HOPE counselor, the bank out and out lied to us on the phone saying they never received the information. In fact the HOPE counselor showed that not only had they received it, they received it twice because it was sent to them a second time 4 days after the original submission, because the Big Bank said they never received the first package. Bull shit! After 6 years of fighting with them and adverting foreclosure with them 4 different times, they finally sold our mortgage to a 3-party mortgage collection company. And it’s been the best thing to ever happen for us!

This new company has not only treated us with respect, compassion and genuine kindness, they have gone out of their way sometimes to help us! We could have gone into foreclosure months ago, but they kept working with us. We were approved for a loan modification but we have to make 3 trial period payments for it to be permanent. Now right now, that modification only brought the payments down by about $150. But we also have a chance to apply for an additional modification to bring down the interest rate and cut the payment in half. But first we have to show we’re worth the risk by meeting the requirements of this initial modification. Ok, I can work with that. I don’t understand why we have to wait; but at least they’re trying to work with us. That’s 100 times better than before!

So we some how have been saved again at the last moment. We still have the issue with the cars to get through. But the man finally started talking to me and showed me that business is on the increase. Last month he did ok, this month he’s going to double what business they did last month and at least that’s better than what we’ve been suffering through. At least we have a chance at survival. Last week I didn’t even think we had that.       

~ Victoria Lynn

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