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Grocery Tracker On GooglePlay

Grocery Tracker On GooglePlay

Grocery Tracker ~

When you’re unemployed and struggling, you look for ways to save every penny possible. When I had a good ob, I rarely worried about what something cost at the grocery store. I needed it, I have my favorite brands and so I bought it. You can’t do that when you have no money.

I’ve been using the back of my grocery lists to keep a running total of what we put in our cart at the store. We try to keep track of how much this costs at this store vs that store. That’s hard to do when you don’t have everything written down in a place you can carry with you. It dawned on me today, I bet “There’s an App for That!” And there is or are, because there are several to choose from!

I haven’t been a smart phone user for very long. But when my contract ran out I had a chance at a free upgrade, I took it. I LOVE my android phone! Love it!!! It’s a Samsung Galaxy. I highly recommend it. Course it’s out dated already, but the S4 looks pretty nice too. But I digress. After doing a little comparison shopping I found an app that not only does everything I was hoping for, but best of all….it’s FREE!

It’s call Grocery Tracker Shopping List (GTS) and you can find it on GooglePlay. You build your list by checking off items provided by GTS. If what you want to put on your list is there, you can add a product. If you want to pick up the same “thing” but from different brands, you can add both to your product list and add both to your shopping list.

Once you’re at the store, you can add the items to your cart for that store and then type in the price. GTS will then keep a running total, plus add the tax at the rate you tell it to. Next time you go shopping, and you pick up the same item at the same store, it will remember the price. But if you go to a different grocery store, no problem, you can create a generic grocery list and then shop at a different store, entering their prices as you add them to your cart. The next time you go shopping, you’ll be able to compare both prices to see who has the better deal.

There’s also a scan feature. I didn’t know my phone has a bar-scanner built-in, but it does! Woohoo. I tested it out with GTS and scanned in some products we prefer and added them to the product list! I’m so excited about this app that I can’t wait to go shopping!

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