Thoughts – Life Plus 1,000 Years

gavelA Random Thought ~

So today in Ohio, the sex offender whose name I won’t mention as it gives him attention and notoriety, was sentenced to Life plus 1,000 years. It’s not enough!

He pled guilty to 937 counts, and for pleading guilty the death penalty was taken off the table. I don’t think the judge did this guy any favors.

Surely they can’t put him in the general population. Does that mean he will be in solitary for the rest of his life? I think about that and realize, he got off easy. Maybe he should be put in a place where he has to live in fear every single day. That would be a little justice for what he put those remarkable girls/now women through.

How can justice be served by killing him for the 5 babies he murdered by causing so many miscarriages in his victims? I don’t think his life has the same value as those babies. But putting him to death also means he gets off easy. He wouldn’t suffer in fear the way he inflicted fear on his victims. He wouldn’t go through pain or agony in the manner that they endured. Death is too good for him too.

Sometimes I think we’ve become too civilized in our society. Monsters like this and those similar to him who abuse children and other women for their sick and twisted mindless violence should be weeded out and put through the same torture they gave.

As a spiritual person I’m not supposed to think like that. But perhaps it’s part of human nature to want real justice fit the crime. Is life in prison plus 1,000 fit the heinous acts of violence he perpetrated on those three remarkable women? I don’t know. But some how I don’t think so.

I know when I heard the news today, my first thought was, he won’t make it that long. I’ll say it here first; I don’t think he’ll live past 7 or 8 years. It might take that long for other inmates to gain access to him. But something tells me, his death sentence will be carried out one day. Maybe then those three women will find some closure and a small measure of peace.

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