Thoughts – Grocery Tracker Shopping App

Grocery Tracker On GooglePlay

Grocery Tracker On GooglePlay

A Random Thought ~

We put the new Grocery Tracker app into practice today. I must say it worked a lot better than I expected. It took a little to get it started and set up for the grocery list. A few little things I had to figure out how to do. The instructions are a little lacking in that regard. But it’s part of the initial set up for our personal items. Which can be tricky when you like two different kinds of BBQ. I’m all gung ho for Masterpiece original and my Man is a Carolina Treat kind of guy.

At the store we had additional set up things to do. Mostly adding the size of items so the unit price would calculate correctly. I didn’t want 6 individual bottles of dietDew. I wanted a 6 pack of 18oz dietDew. That took a little more time and thus, my battery crashed before we were done. But it was pretty awesome while it lasted.

Tomorrow I’m going to go through the grocery list and try to put in the data I didn’t get in when we were at the store. I think once all that is done, this is going to be a piece of cake. Like anything, setting it up takes a little more effort. But it’s worth it.

The only thing I’ve discovered that I don’t like is that it really eats your battery. Make sure you’re fully charged up before you go to the store. And if you can pick up one of those travel battery chargers, I think it might come in handy when you’re shopping.

There’s a nice travel battery charger at Amazon for 29.99. But that’s expensive compared to the ones I’ve seen shared on Facebook.

Of course there’s also the Do It Yourself: Portable Cell Phone Charger that would probably be less than $5. I might have to get my Man to make me one of these.

DIY Cell Charger

DIY Cell Charger

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