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A Random Thought ~

Earlier today I was enoying my day and sat down in between chores to check in on Nascar’s Fast Friday. Something I look forward to each week as it takes me away from the stress and anxiety of the week.

I noticed a BBC tweet:

@BBCNews Will #fracking pollute England’s water supplies? @mattmcgrathbbc looks at the evidence Time posted: 16 Aug 2013, 14:37:10 (UTC)

To which I responded:
@PinkReikiRose: @BBCNews Yes and it will destabilize the bedrock/shale and bring on more earthquakes too. #fracking – 10:38 AM – 16 Aug 2013

Within moments I was insulted by some moron who felt the need to stick her big nose into my comment as if I made it to her. Well I assume it’s a her, the Twitter icon is Margaret Thatcher.   

@dukesy12: @PinkReikiRose @BBCNews @MattMcGrathBBC no it won’t you’re talking crap there is NO evidence of that happening anywhere in the world 10:43 AM – 16 Aug 2013

Now I should know better than to get into conversation with a moron. But I responded making note of her need to insult my opinion as crap and questioning her intelligence. Only idiots attack others on a personal level when they don’t agree with something they’ve said. People who lack intelligence to hold a civil debate must feel the need to be superior and do so by insults.

Thankfully I had things to do and went off to live my life not giving this another thought. Well it would seem “Dukesy” needed to commiserate with another less than intelligent individual. This one Napoleon, complete with a picture of Napoleon as their Twitter icon. I kid you not.

@dukesy12: @NapoleonSMill @PinkReikiRose that was an interesting exchange from someone calling themselves a witch!!

@NapoleonSMill: @dukesy12 @PinkReikiRose That teaches me to look at profiles anyone who calls themselves a witch and psychic probably isn’t worth debating.

And there you have it, the ugliness of bigotry shows through and confirms the ignorance of these two. I do so hate bigotry. Especially ignorant bigotry. Ah well. I responded to their “superior” comments and blocked them. Sadly before I could get them both blocked, Napoleon made the usual demand for proof. As if I’m supposed to hold a debate with a moron who can’t Google for themselves. Now what would be the point of sharing links that back my original comment. “Dukesy” probably wouldn’t understand it, and anything shared with Napoleon would be called into question.  

@NapoleonSMill: @dukesy12 Tell me why I should waste my time doing a search, when it would be equally easy for you? 

I should have known that would get an idiotic response. Seems Napoleon found one website (count them 1) that discussed the dangers of fracking and added that site also called the Queen a Lizard. Hmm Let’s see, if I do a Google Search: Fracking Dangers I see over 800,000 results. I’m sure all 800,000 are Lizard Queen quality.

With the irritants blocked I went on with my afternoon, got my chores completed and even had a little time to enjoy my Nascar friends during Fast Friday. As I was making dinner I thought about Fracking and wondered how many of those 800k results were from new studies. I do like keeping up with issues I’m interested.

mineral-vaThe 2011 Virginia Earthquake occurred on August 23, 2011, at 1:51 pm EDT (17:51 UTC) in the Piedmont region of the US state of Virginia. The epicenter, in Louisa County, is 38 mi (61 km) northwest of Richmond and 5 mi (8 km) south-southwest of the town of Mineral. It was an intraplate earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 and a maximum perceived intensity of VII (very strong) on the Mercalli intensity scale. Several aftershocks, ranging up to 4.5 Mw in magnitude, occurred after the main tremor. ~ Virginia Earthquake, Wikipedia

This quake was a very short 32.5 miles from my home. It was felt as far north as the New York / Canadian border and as far south as Georgia, some reports claiming it went into Florida. Almost immediately questions arose about the strange and unusual event and what might have triggered the quake. Within a day or two news stories popped up about injecting large amounts of fluid deep into the earth (fracking) can result in “micro-quakes.” But fracking didn’t cause our quake. How do we know? An Industry expert said so of course.

Immediately citizens of Virginia began questioning these articles and their sources. An Industry expert? Like the Oil Companies have never lied to us before, so of course we should simply believe what they tell us.  Virginia has 75 class II injection wells where the Oil & Gas inject frack flowback. There are several fracking sights within a 45mile radius of Mineral. One site might cause microquakes. How many do you need for a major quake?


Methane Burn Off From Fracking

The chemicals that are injected into shale deposits during fracking in the U.S. include acids, detergents and poisons that can be harmful if they seep into drinking water. Trucking and storage accidents have caused spills of fracking fluids.

Gas companies often do not disclose the composition of their fracking chemical cocktails, making it difficult to monitor the risks of each fracking project.

After the fracking process, deposits of radioactive elements and huge concentrations of salt are left in the earth’s surface; in order to dispose of these deposits gas companies inject them into deep wells, in some cases triggering small earthquakes, as has already happened in eight U.S. locations.

Fracking allows us to burn what was until recently an unreachable fossil fuel reservoir, which leads to the release of more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition to the natural gas itself, both the methane gas that is a byproduct of extraction and the carbon dioxide that is created through burning that methane are greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. ~ Bill Moyers

In July 2013, the National Geographic published a series of articles that provide new information about the dangerous process of pulling oil from deep bed shale.

Each article sites expert sources and studies that can further one’s research. A couple of these articles point to recent studies that were published in Science Magazine this year as well. So I headed over there.


Dukesy (@dukesy12): @PinkReikiRose if I’m wrong send me any evidence that supports your claims & if you send me the video of water on fire I’ll block you August 16, 2013 10:50 AM – 16 Aug 2013
Hope this is enough for her to block me.

At  the request of Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a study to better understand  any potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water resources. The scope of the research includes the full lifespan of water in hydraulic fracturing. The progress report was released in December 2012 and a draft report is expected to be released for public comment and peer review in 2014. ~

Unfortunately here in the States we know all to well that we can’t trust our government. Amid the Constitutional laws being broken by the NSA it seems the White House May Have Interfered With the EPA Investigation.

Two sources within the Environmental Protection Agency have told government watchdog groups that the Obama administration interfered with investigations of hydraulic fracturing during the 2012 presidential campaign. –
The Daily Caller

This seems to be backed up by an Internal EPA Report that suggests “An EPA staff report suggests methane from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, contaminated wells near Dimock, Pa.” – The LA Times

Since all this started because of a BBC story promotion, at the top of the 800,000+ search results I also found this:

A Government Report by the Environment Agency warns Fracking runs “high risk” of polluting countryside ~ The Mirror

But my “friend” Napolean says the Royal Academy of Engineers back Fracking. I bet they do. Especially since the former President of the RAE, who was president at the time of the reporting about Fracking is Lord Browne who co-author of the report. He left the RAE last year. Want to know where he went? He’s the Chairman of Cuadrilla, the UK’s leading fracker. Browne owns 30% of Cuadrilla and works inside government as a non-executive director to the Cabinet Office.

The RAE is also part funded by the oil and gas industry. In the last three years the RAE has taken £601,000 from ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Petrofac (an oil services company) – all of whom have links to fracking (see the RAE’s financial reports here). 

Well that’s a report you can trust huh? A report about an Industry that is being paid for by the Industry itself, and written by an Industry insider who was rewarded with an Industry executive position. Yeah..uh huh. That’s reliable. 

Now that only took about 15 minutes of my time to discover the evidence, based on science and expert studies. Not “Industry Experts or Engineers”. But what do I know, I’m only a Witch whose also psychic. Oh and did I mention, who has an actual brain? 

VR-Hanko ~ All Rights Reserved ©

 © 2013 Victoria’s Rose ~ All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Thoughts – What The Frack

  1. I think you handle the situation quite well. Nasty people deserve a smack down and yours was not only brilliant, it was classy as well. Good for you.

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