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I found an Android app I have to share! Especially for people like me who love digital picture frames that cycle through their family photo albums. I can take my digital album everywhere now! I’m SOOO excited about this, it’s ridiculous! And oh did I mention…it’s FREE!

It’s called Photo Slides (Photo Frame) by Softick Ltd., and you can find it on GooglePlay.


Photo Slides (Photo Frame) on GooglePlay

You can copy any images to your Picture location on your phone. Then you can pick the directories within the settings of “Photo Slides” to display in your slideshow. You can choose individual images, entire directories and yes, even more than one directory. All you do is hook your phone up to your PC. It then becomes an external storage device. Use File Manager or whatever file management tool you have on your pc and copy files to the phone.

I’ve tried different size images and regular pictures downloaded from a digital camera. Those camera size images can be huge in storage size and take way more space than I want to use on my phone. So I resize the pictures I put on my phone to 500 wide/330 high for landscape mode. And 330 wide/480 high for portrait mode. Don’t ask my why the display size is different, it just is on my phone.

Portrait Pictures Resize In Landscape Mode Click the image

Portrait Pictures Resize In Landscape Mode
Click image for a larger view.

Most of the time I have my phone in a little stand, sitting sideways (landscape). Pictures I have for portrait viewing can be configured in the settings options to resize for landscape display like this one of the tea cup with the cupcake.

Every now and then a picture won’t be able to be displayed and a popup message will appear telling you that. This is the only thing I don’t like about the app. The message never stays there long enough for me to figure out which image has a problem. I’ve made a suggestion on the app’s feedback page, so maybe they’ll do something about that in the future.  

There are a ton of options within this free version. You can hide the notification bar at the top. I like to see mine in order to see news and weather alerts I have that pop up from time to time.

You can add a clock, with the date and time anywhere on the screen. And you can even pick the color of the text. Something you can’t usually do in a free app. I prefer mine in pink, as well as, down and out of the way from the pictures.

Add Inspiring Images, Family Pictures

Add Inspiring Images, Family Pictures, Vacation Photos
and anything else you might want to see during the day.
Click image for a larger view.

Then sit back and enjoy. It doesn’t eat up a lot of battery, but it does use it up if you run it on battery power alone. I have almost 1,000 pictures in my Photo Slides and I can run through them in about 3 to 4 hours before I have to plug in the phone for recharge. It’s great for going to lunch with Mom and setting my cell on the table while we eat. She gets to look at all the pictures of us and her grandson, and she even likes many of my inspirational relaxing images too.

You can also configure the settings to automatically start up the slideshow when you initially plug your phone in to be recharged. I liked that. But after a few times, I found I needed to do things on the phone and the auto start was annoying. I turned it off, but you might like it.

You can set the display time, you can even “play” through the images if you want to go back and show someone a picture that was just displayed in the viewer. You can also pause and go forward. In the settings you can shuffle the images for display which is great for me since I have four different folders to organize my images. Or you can play them in order. Check out their GooglePlay page and you can see their  images for configuration options.

I really love looking at my pictures throughout the day. If you like that too, you might love this app.

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