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Letters To Myself๐Ÿ“ช Letters To Myself ~

The last two weeks have been non-stop running and rushing around. I don’t know if I’m coming or going or stuck somewhere in the middle! And I’ve missed posting on my little blog here something fierce.

So much has been going on with my favorite person Tony Stewart. He’s definitely out for the rest of the season which breaks my heart. Mostly because as a fan, I understand his passion for racing and how that’s the biggest part of his life. To not be able to do that for 6months has got to be very tough indeed.

Then his “partner” Gene Haas goes behind his back and starts a 4th team and hires a driver. It’s not so much who he hired, but rather the way Haas conducted the expansion. Says a lot for the disrespect and underhanded character of Gene Haas. Many don’t know or forget that Haas was in Federal Prison for tax evasion when he begged Tony to buy half his team and turn it around. And that’s exactly what Tony did. How does Haas repay him? By going behind his back while he’s out and on serious pain medication to make a major change to the business. How f’ing underhanded.

Well none of that is really what’s been going on here. It’s almost time for school here. We go back the day after labor day. So it’s been a lot of running around trying to get cash to get school supplies. I remember when school supplies were part of the taxes we pay to the county and state. Now, all that money is wasted because counties can’t prepare, stick to and monitor their budgets. So its citizenry has to pay extra for their incompetence.ย 

Thank gods we only have one child to take care of. With our limited income, we still had to come up with about $150 in school supplies. That’s absolutely ridiculous. And if he was younger, there would be even more supplies to pick up. One of our friends at the school has three children, one starting 1st Grade, the other two 3rd and 4th. She spent nearly $200 for the 1st grader alone and was thankful the 4th grader didn’t require as many supplies.

Well, I’ve gotten the carpet vacuumed, the cloths laundered, now to dust. I just wanted to update something on my blog here because I’ve missed it.ย 

~ Victoria Lynn

VR-Hanko ~ All Rights Reserved ยฉ

ย ยฉ 2013ย Victoria’s Rose ~ All Rights Reserved.

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