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I’ve been listening to the debate over Syria’s Civil War and the potential American involvement all week and weekend. I’m an American, born and raised. I vote. I pay taxes, even though my government doesn’t think it has a responsibility in the financial crisis that many of us are in. So I believe I have a right to express my opinion on this issue.

I want to know when America became the Police Force of the world? Was it when the Soviet Union fell? Is that when we lost our mission in the world? Is that when we lost the justification for spending money on the “military complex” that has become engrained in America? Is it because we have no clear super power to fight against that we feel superior to all others and believe we have the high moral ground to push everyone into our way of thinking?

I can’t help but read that and think, how arrogant. But the issue isn’t that American’s believe that, but rather certain congressional leaders think that. It’s not “We the People” who are arrogant, but millionaires in congress who have a vested interest in policing the world.

One thing my Man always says when issues appear in the news “Follow the money”. Sadly, it seems many, if not most of the stories we read about today, or see on the news come down to that one simple phrase. Who wins when an issue falls on that side or this side comes down to who wins the money. It’s not about moral ground at all. Oh there maybe a few politicians who honestly think they are in office for the people, but once they taste the power of office, they too become corrupt. It’s not about the people, but what the politician will gain, either in personal power or financial power.

So who wins if the U.S. gets involved in a Civil War? The military suppliers. Not the military as a whole. Not the members who put boots on the ground. But rather those who sit at the top, who make the deals, who fill the coffers of the “military complex”.

Should we be outraged about the potential of chemical weapons being used on civilians by Syria’s government? Yes. But so should the rest of the world, and especially the countries around Syria. Why are they not leading the effort to “punish” Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad? Saudi Arabia has a military, as does Egypt and Jordan.

The Arab League is an international organization of independent Arab states formed in 1945 to promote cultural and economic and military and political and social cooperation. There are 21 Member States of the Arab League, why are they not cracking down on one of their members? Yes, Syria is a recognized state in the Arab League. Their Seat is currently occupied by the Syrian National Coalition which was suspended as of 16 November 2011.

Why is this regional force looking to the U.S. to address an issue that shouldn’t be ours to interfere with except as a last resort. The Arab League needs to step up and act like a governing body that it was sanctioned to be. If they desire assistance, then they should petition the United Nations and make a case for intervention.

“We should stand against moral obscenities when you violate International Law”. Who sets this law? Who controls this law? It’s not the United States.

International law is the set of rules generally regarded and accepted As binding in relations between states and nations. It is supported and overseen by the United Nations. Once again it is the United Nations that should be leading this effort.

The U.S. in no way should be leading any type of fight with the exception of implementing trade and financial sanctions against Syria.

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