The PoorMan Pantry

poorman-pantry๐ŸŽ‚ Rummaging The Cupboards

One of the things we’ve learned how to do during the recession is make do with what you’ve got.

I didn’t grow up in a rich family. We got by and we were certainly better off than some. We were the definition of middle class. There were times when I was a kid that we didn’t have money for the grocery store so my Mom and Dad rummaged the cupboards and we had whatever was in the pantry.

Sometimes as long as we had a loaf of bread we had something to eat for lunch or dinner. More than once we had Condiment Sandwiches for Saturday lunch. That usually consisted of two pieces of bread, with mayo and ketchup. Or mayo and mustard if you were my sister.

As long as we had some kind of meat broth in the pantry and some flour, my Mom would set the table and we’d have dumplings. Most often chicken broth and dumplings.

Sometimes it was because things were stretched thin and we didn’t have a choice. Sometimes they were saving for my Dad’s annual 2 week vacation. Other times, they were living paycheck to paycheck and the pantry went bare before the next check came in.

My Mom was a working Mom when it wasn’t common in our neighborhood. My Mom was the only working Mom not only in our neighborhood, but in the school I went to as well. She only worked three days a week. But it was enough to give us extra for that nice vacation, or the extra toys or the extra whatevers.

But like all families things happen we don’t expect and the savings went to whatever needed to be fixed. But we stayed a family and we still got by.

Those lessons from my childhood thankfully prepared me to take care of my own family now that I’m an adult and the “Great Recession” has knocked us and so many others to their knees. We live in one of those Republican states who believe personal responsibility means you don’t help those who have been knocked down at no fault of their own. Here if you own a house and a car, you don’t qualify for aid.

A lot of families in our area are really hurting bad. So I decided to share our PoorMan Pantry recipes for others like us. I hope it helps your kids go to bed with something in their tummies instead of hunger pains.

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