Playing With Graphics

victoriarose๐Ÿ“ก It’s A Cold & Rainy Day ~

Here on the east coast we’ve been inundated with rain and cold. Trying to stay warm inside I felt creative. With nothing else to do, I decided to make a new Avatar for my Twitter account.

It had to have some tea representation of course. It had to depict a rose and my favorite shades of pink. I’m a Reiki Channel, so it had to have the Usui hanko in it too.

Then I thought about it being October. In the Celtic lands of old, the end of this month was recognized and celebrated as the Celtic New Year. It’s a holiday that is still recognized today in some circles. So it had to be festive too.

So I did a little image searching and found a beautiful single cup & tea-pot set, complete with pink roses. Then I found a beautiful ceremonial Witch’s hat and how perfect was it that it’s decorated with a rose. If that doesn’t have my name on it, what does?!

So I worked on putting them together and tada…Presenting my new Twitter Avatar.

VR-Hanko ~ All Rights Reserved ยฉ

ย ยฉ 2013ย Victoria’s Rose ~ All Rights Reserved.

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