Crafting – Making Holiday Cookie Tins


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A Recipe Craft

My Aunt Ruth spent her winter days in early December to make candies, cakes and cookies that she carefully wrapped and placed in a cookie tin to give as gifts. Family and friends devoured her special homemade gifts. It was a package of love, made by her, just for you.

Cookie tins range from $1 and up depending on where you buy them. Of course national chain stores often have more expensive tins. For instance a square tin 7-7/8″ sq. x 2-5/8″ h decorated with stockings is around $8 at The Container Store. The same type of tin at can be found at less than half that! And don’t discount your local box stores like Target or Wal-Mart too.

Aunt Ruth would use round tins, about 7″ round & 3″ deep. They’re often described as 2 pound round tins. She kept her lining simple, using food safe decorative paper.

She used a sheet of paper for the lining of the tin, and each type of candy, cookie or treat she put into the tin would reside in its own cupcake paper cup. It’s simple, inexpensive and does the trick quite well.

But if you have the finances to be extravagant, you can line the bottom and sides with corrugated paper. Find food safe cardboard and cut them to fit your tins for dividers. You can find examples of all this on Martha Stewart’s Craft site for Mix and Match Cookie Tins.

Aunt Ruth would make a variety of cookies, fudge, and miniature cakes. She would try to include 3 of each. But if she knew you liked a certain kind of cookie or candy, she would add extra of that particular item specifically for you. It’s what made her holiday tins so extra special. 

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