Thoughts – Bigotry & Religion

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Bigotry based in religious ignorance is still bigotry. Especially when the your version of Bible scripture is based on a political interpretation of your sacred text and not on an accurate historical factual interpretation. By proclaiming the path of spirituality, you are professing to care for your fellow humans. Thatโ€™s hard to do when you hold some groups in a category of disdain and bigotry. ~ Springwolf

Bigotry Cloaked In Religion Is Still Bigotry
โ€œIt is simply a fact that the Bible does not discuss or condemn loving, gay relationships.โ€ said Matthew Vines “the traditional interpretations of all six Bible passages that refer to homosexual acts, are wrong.”ย 

If you believe in the Bible and proclaim yourself to be Christian, then you should follow an accurate interpretation of scripture. Not the bastardized view established by the elite in a century when power was enforced through the Church.

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