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Paul Hollywood Bloomer Bread🍓 A Tasty Website To Share

Tonight I was looking through some old magazine articles and I found a comment by another reader about a website she discovered that’s one of the best Bread Baking sites.

I went to check out “what? bread?” and she was right, this is a fantastic resource if you like to bake. It’s even better if you struggle with baking and getting home made bread to come out properly.

The author is a wife and mother who lives in Newport Pagnell, north Buckinghamshire, England. She shares recipes, recipes of some of her favorite chefs, such as Dan Lepard and Paul Hollywood. What makes her blog and articles so great is that she shows you pictures step by step. I don’t know about you, but that makes following a recipe so much easier for me, because I can compare what I’ve done along the way. I know if I’ve screwed something up and which step I screwed it up in!

I highly recommend her blog! I’ve added her as one of the links on my blog here. I’m extremely impressed with her offerings. I’m sure you will be too.

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