Thoughts – On Shampoo

herbal-honeyimstrongšŸ”® A Random Thought ~

Last time the boys went to get their hair cut, we had a talk with Kathy (their stylist) about shampoo. Seems the 3 shampoos you must stay away from are Pert, Prell and Suave. Great. We use Suave, mainly because it’s cheap.

But why those 3?
Turns out that Pert, Prell and Suave have wax in them. Now you’d think that would be helpful. Nope. I did a little research and discovered that wax in your shampoo is advertised to hold the strands together, and limit split ends. Which it does.

But what they don’t tell you is; it also drys your hair out because the natural oils in your body can’t penetrate the wax and get to the strand itself. Yes some comes from the root, but some comes from the scalp and is transferred to the strands through your hair moving around through the course of the day until the next shampooing.

This is really important as you get older as you hair becomes more brittle as you age. And that is compounded by hair dye if you color your hair. Which many of us older women do. I hate my gray! But I do love my Loriel.

Now what to replace Suave with?
For us and our limited finances, moving to another brand is really difficult right now. Anything else on the shelf is twice as expensive as Suave. That meant we had to look at the price as well as the brand.

After about 10 minutes reading labels and looking at all the choices, I settled on an old proven brand that’s been around since I was a kid. Herbal Essence.Ā 

Next was to decide which version or fragrance to pick. Well I color my hair as I said and I’m through menopause, which also makes your hair dryer and overtime, more coarse. So that meant picking something for damaged hair. I did discover while writing this little note that their site has a “Help you” pick the best shampoo for your hair type. That’s very nice. And in using it today, it suggested the product I did end up getting at the store.

I selected Honey I’m Strong because I liked the way it smelled and I’ve ready so many articles about how good natural honey is for your hair. So why not. It sounded good at the time. It’s been two weeks of using this product and all I can say is OMG! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! My hair hasn’t been this soft, silky and shiny since I was in my early 20s.

If you’re looking for something new, I highly recommend it!

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One thought on “Thoughts – On Shampoo

  1. Interesting. I was told wax is good for your hair. Its why I use Suave. I’m trying to grow my hair out, do I think I’ll try this now and see what happens. Thank for the tip.

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