It Snowed

Image3๐Ÿ“ก Ok Let’s Not Panic ~

I’ve been watching CNN which is covering the disaster in Atlanta. Being a little farther north and hit with a bit more snow than Atlanta, it’s some what annoying that CNN is trying to create a blame game story here.

Instead of covering the unusual occurrence of the event. Of course Atlanta was a disaster, this doesn’t happen that far south. Of course traffic was a nightmare, this doesn’t happen there.

They should be treating this like the natural disaster it is for that region. Then they can ask the questions, why wasn’t the city prepared and why didn’t they plan ahead.

I feel so sorry for the people all over the south who aren’t used to this. But let’s not act like this a tornado or hurricane and the entire city is under water and we need to blame someone for it. Geezo Peezo!

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