Letters – A Little Movement

Letters To Myself📪 Letters To Myself ~

Well after a few weeks of seriously intense stress and angst in the house, things are finally moving forward. The cheap-skate brother-in-law finally paid My Man some of what he’s owed. That meant we could pay the electric bill and even get a few groceries.

Then we’re faced with a choice. Pay one of the back months mortgage payment or use a grand to start-up the business? We decided having the house isn’t going to do us any good, if we lose it anyway because there’s no money coming in. So we’re starting up his business.

I’m actually relieved he’s agreed to make progress and get his head out of his forecasting spread sheets. He’s spent the past 3 days filling out all the forms to license here and in the two neighboring states. Thank Gods!! He’s already lined up bids for projects and as soon as the paperwork is confirmed maybe he’ll be able to turn things around and we’ll actually make it.

In the meantime I found out from my Mother-in-Law that she thinks the brother-in-law and his wife have separated. In part because he refuses to grow and make money. I don’t blame her. His approach to business is absolutely ridiculous!! But thank the Gods my Man is finally getting off the pot and making the leap. I don’t see why he wouldn’t listen to me 4 years ago and do this. But I guess, it’s better than never. Because I’d be leaving too if he wasn’t actually putting things into action.

I’m still angry and still a bit pissed he doesn’t take my advice and listen to me. But I can work on that as some of the stress settles down. I realized yesterday as we were out for errands that he still makes me laugh. I told him to stop it, I don’t want to laugh at his comments when I’m mad at him. He cracked more jokes. And it did feel good to laugh a little. I miss that.  

~ Victoria Lynn

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