Happy Mother’s Day

📡 May You All Feel Blessed Today ~

gardentea3My Mother’s Tea And Me

Mother my darling,
Mother my dear.
I love you now and tomorrow
Each and every day of the year!

My Mom’s Recipe for Love,
Hangs on my kitchen wall.
I mix it up now and then,
To catch my child when they fall.

Take a cup or two of laughter,
And a pinch of good advice.
Pour in patience by the bowlful,
Then stir it once or twice.

Fold in lots of hugs and kisses,
And a mother’s gentle care.
Cook it ’til it’s nice and warm,
Then spread it everywhere.

Serve it at the table,
Share it with cakes and tea.
Listen to the stories of woe,
In the shade of Mother’s Tree.

© 2014 Victoria Lynn
(My expanded version of an old favorite poem).

I discovered a great website a few years ago, that shares old poems, tales and craft ideas for everyone young and old. It’s called The Virtual Vine and I really recommend it strongly, for inspiration in all seasons, warm, hot and cold.

VR-Hanko ~ All Rights Reserved ©

 © 2014 Victoria’s Rose ~ All Rights Reserved.


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