2013-08 Victoria LynnVictoria Lynn ~

That’s me. I’m a Mother, Author, Teacher, Dog Owner, Animal Talker, Reiki Master, Healer, Pagan, Lover of Roses, Tea & Coffee Aficionado, NASCAR fan, Top Gear fan, Gearhead!!

I’m Fascinating, Intriguing, Intelligent, Strong Willed and struggle with life like every other woman of the time. I’m not a kid. Some would call me middle aged. I hate that term.

In my profession, they tell you not to share too much with the public as it can damage your reputation as a healer. Whether you want it or not, people put you on a pedestal and when they realize you’re human and have flaws and problems, they knock you down and ignore your counsel. Especially if you’re talking to them from experience. They don’t want to hear it. You’re tarnished and not the perfect person they imagined you to be. 

The problem with that number one suggestion, it cuts you off being able to talk to anyone. You’re segregated, separated from the world and left with only close friends to let out your fears, anxiety or even fun stories too. Even too much of a good thing can harm a reputation.

Sadly that leaves people like me in a place where we have no one to talk to at all. If you’re lucky enough to have a significant other you talk to, there are some things you can’t say to them either. Especially when it’s about them. Things you don’t really want to say out loud because you’re angry, but you want to get out so it’s not building inside you and over time making even little things, bigger than they really are.

vr-sq-logoThe emotional pain and turmoil of everyday life gets bottled up inside with nowhere to release it. One weekend in June turned out particularly bad for me and I needed someone to talk to. I looked around and there was no one.  I sat down and wrote a letter to myself. If for no other reason than to get the words out and release the tears, the anger and the angst.

Sending that Letter To Myself to myself was some how fulfilling. Perhaps because we, as human beings, long for the connection to others; even in times of duress. Or perhaps especially in those times. That need for connection took me down a road of self-indulgence and I wound up here. This is my place to express my personal views on the news, rant about things that strike a nerve, have random thoughts, share things of interest to me and rant some more.

Even if no one else sees or reads this, it satisfies my need to connect. Sometimes we must take the time to make it all about me to feel valued. So I don’t expect anyone to read this blog, except me. And that’s ok and fine. It’s not for anyone else really. But if you’re feeling like I am, maybe my letters, news, and random thoughts can help you realize you’re not alone in this crazy sometimes hard world we live in today.


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