Coffee & Tea Time

victoriasteablogRelax With A Cup ~  ☕

Tea and coffee time have long been associated with good treats, good company and good conversation. Whether it’s morning coffee, afternoon tea, high tea or after dinner coffee with dessert, these have long been special times of the day.

Here I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned about Tea Time and Coffee Time. From a little history to proper settings and even what’s the difference between a tea pot, coffee pot and chocolate pot. Along with some favored recipes that are perfect for tea or coffee time. Well, tea time in particular.

I won’t be putting all my Tea & Coffee posts here. Just some of the highlights that I think are worth standing out.

So if you want to see everything I’ve posted about tea, coffee and treats, check out my posts for the Coffee & Tea Time category.

And you might also like to take a gander at my Recipe posts too. You might find something good to share at your High Tea party.

For now, here’s what I’ve added to my section dedicated to Coffee & Tea Time. I’ve decided to divide these into three sections. The first are those things that apply to both tea and coffee, hosting parties, planning and etiquette. The second is dedicated to all things Coffee and the third, all things Tea. And check my  Recipes for biscuits, cookies and cakes to serve at your tea or coffee part.

Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate



Hot Chocolate

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and ponderings. And that you find some time for yourself to have a relaxing time with your favorite tea, coffee and cakes.   

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