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Tea & Coffee – Homemade Coffee Creamer

irishcreameMaking Your Own Creamer ~

I’ve mentioned before I’m a diabetic. Finding a flavored creamer that is diabetic friendly isn’t easy. And when you do, you still have to be careful what the makers version of “sugar” might be.

Are they sweetened with Splenda? Which can still raise sugar levels in diabetics? Or could they be sweetened with something like Stevia, which is a little more diabetic friendly?(Stevia in the Raw is my sweetener of choice).

It’s a hard and laborious process to find the right product. Then I thought, hey, what about homemade where I can sweeten with my own sweetener?! And thus a new search ensued.

I found a lot of versions of homemade creamer and all have their own tweaks and variations. It’s not at all hard. And nearly all start with a base of condensed sweetened milk. That sweetened part is a problem again for diabetics. But the base is flavored from there. So everything begins with the base, how about going the other way to find the flavor and add what you require on the back-end.
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Recipes – Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

caramelcheesecake🍓 A Tasty Recipe

My Aunt Ruth was an amazing cook and classy woman. When I was young, I wanted to grow up and be like her. She worked at the local newspaper, when a working woman wasn’t a common thing. Working her way up to Editor.

To be honest I don’t know what she was the editor for in the paper. And now that she’s gone, I regret not spending more time with her as I got older. 

She and my Uncle never had children. I know it had something to with a medical condition. So they did dote on my sisters and I. But mostly they doted on each other. And that was so awesome to see and be around. Continue reading