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Tea & Coffee โ€“ Homemade Coffee Creamer

irishcreameโ˜• Making Your Own Creamer ~

I’ve mentioned before I’m a diabetic. Finding a flavored creamer that is diabetic friendly isn’t easy. And when you do, you still have to be careful what the makers version of “sugar” might be.

Are they sweetened with Splenda? Which can still raise sugar levels in diabetics? Or could they be sweetened with something like Stevia, which is a little more diabetic friendly?(Stevia in the Raw is my sweetener of choice).

It’s a hard and laborious process to find the right product. Then I thought, hey, what about homemade where I can sweeten with my own sweetener?! And thus a new search ensued.

I found a lot of versions of homemade creamer and all have their own tweaks and variations. It’s not at all hard. And nearly all start with a base of condensed sweetened milk. That sweetened part is a problem again for diabetics. But the base is flavored from there. So everything begins with the base, how about going the other way to find the flavor and add what you require on the back-end.
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Recipes – After Dinner Keoke Coffee

keoke๐Ÿ“ A Tasty Recipe

Coffee’s natural ability to help with digestion has made it a mainstay in dinning rooms and restaurants for an after dinner drink. But as with most drinks, people wanted a little something more in their after dinner drinks to relax from a long day of work in or outside the house.

Introduction of..the spiked after dinner coffee drink. Coffee has been mixed with every variety of alcohol made. Yes, including wine. But let’s not go there, because that’s simply weird.

I’m a crรจme de mint and crรจme de cacao kind of person. Tell me you have a drink that includes either of those and I’m up for a nice taste of your concoction. And that’s how I discovered Keoke Coffee. Continue reading

Recipes – Winter Hot Chocolate

hotchocolate๐Ÿ“ A Tasty Recipe

When I was young the kids in my neighborhood would gather outside on snowy days and build snowmen and snow forts. Each day we were home from school, we picked a different kids yard to build and battle in the snow.

Our house was at the bottom the large hill on our side of the neighborhood. Parents would stand at the cross street, well it was a subdivision road really, and direct the few cars who ventured out in order to keep the sledders safe. Everyone brought their sleds and for hours we raced down the hill.

We always went home covered in snow, exhausted from climbing the hill for hours and most often, frozen stiff! But we always looked forward to hot chocolate in front of the fireplace to get warmed up. Continue reading

Recipes – No Bake Summer Dessert


Cheesecake Strawberries

Cheesecake Strawberries

The last thing anyone wants to do in the summer is sit in a hot kitchen baking dinner and dessert. No matter how good the dessert is, burning up in the kitchen to make it simply doesn’t make up for enduring the heat.

Many years ago I attended an office party where I saw these strawberry filled treats on the table. What a great idea, I thought!

The Cheesecake strawberries at the party were catered and the company was not about to give up their recipe. How hard can it be to duplicate?

My family has a great cheesecake recipe, but it requires baking. And as I mentioned, that’s the last thing I want to deal with in the dead of summer.

So I went on a search for a no-bake cheesecake recipe. I found it and tried it! It’s not only easy, its exceptionally good. Well why wouldn’t it be, it’s from Martha Stewart – No-Bake Cheesecake.

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Tea & Coffee & Chocolate Pots


An Assortment Of Tea and Coffee Pots ~ No Chocolate Pots Here

Which Pot is Which?

Today many hostesses and hosts may not realize that there’s a difference between a Tea, Coffee and Chocolate pot. Each type of pot is designed to increase the flavor and enjoyment of its beverage within. And it’s all in the shape of the pot and the placement of the spout relative to the pot itself.

Hampshire County Council in the U.K. has a wonderful Brief History of the Teapot. They say the earliest known book on tea can be found in China in 780 AD under the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Continue reading