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PoorMan Pantry – Homemade Chili

Poor Man Chili w/ Cheese

Poor Man Chili w/ Cheese

๐ŸŽ‚ Rummaging The Cupboards

I didnโ€™t grow up in a rich family. We got by and we were certainly better off than some. We were the definition of middle class. There were times when I was a kid that we didnโ€™t have money for the grocery store so my Mom and Dad rummaged the cupboards and we had whatever was in the pantry.

A lot of families are really hurting in these tough financial times, I decided to share our PoorMan Pantry recipes from my childhood. I hope it helps those who need it most.

This weekend the man-child asked if we could have chili for dinner. We picked up a can of Hormel Chili and a bag ofย Tostito’s Scoops Tortilla Chips and waited for the weekend. A Saturday dinner would be perfect for this and we waited for the weekend to arrive.

Yeah, if anyone finds a stray can of Chili, let me know where it is. How we lost an entire can of chili I have no idea. But when $1.98 is a lot of money to your family, it’s worrisome and upsetting at the same time. And then there’s the desire to give the child what he asked for so he doesn’t feel neglected or deprived. Which means using supplies in the kitchen that could be used for something else that gets you through the week. It was frustrating!

But this event helped create a new Poor Man Recipe. Homemade Chili. Continue reading


Recipes – Homemade Southern Banana Pudding Pie

Homemade from Scratch Southern Banana Pudding Pie

Homemade from Scratch Southern Banana Pudding Pie

๐Ÿ“ A Tasty Recipe

There’s Easy Southern Banana Pudding Pie and then there’s Homemade from scratch Southern Banana Pudding Pie.

What’s the difference? Time, effort and the tender loving care that goes into making any thing from scratch by your own hands. “Baking with Love for those you Love” is what my paternal Grandmother called it.

My Dad’s mom wouldn’t be caught dead making something from a box. She’d spend hours in the kitchen, shuffling back and forth between the pantry, the counters and the stove. And her house always smelled so inviting, warm and wonderful.

She and my Grandfather raised 3 boys, until WWII. The middle son, was killed in action in his tank in Germany. Within a year, my Grandfather too had left this world. But even with grown sons, my Grandmother still worked in her garden, canned, cooked and baked. She never had much to dote on her grandchildren. But my sisters and I, who were her only grandkids were treated with some of the best down home cooking you could ever want when we went to visit.
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Crafting – Making Holiday Cookie Tins


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โ€ A Recipe Craft

My Aunt Ruth spent her winter days in early December to make candies, cakes and cookies that she carefully wrapped and placed in a cookie tin to give as gifts. Family and friends devoured her special homemade gifts. It was a package of love, made by her,ย just for you.

Cookie tins range from $1 and up depending on where you buy them. Of course national chain stores often have more expensive tins. For instance a square tin 7-7/8″ sq. x 2-5/8″ h decorated with stockings is around $8 at The Container Store. The same type of tin at e-CookieTins.com can be found at less than half that! And don’t discount your local box stores like Target or Wal-Mart too.

Aunt Ruth would use round tins, about 7″ round & 3″ deep. They’re often described as 2 pound round tins. She kept her lining simple, using food safe decorative paper. Continue reading