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Recipes – Homemade Southern Banana Pudding Pie

Homemade from Scratch Southern Banana Pudding Pie

Homemade from Scratch Southern Banana Pudding Pie

🍓 A Tasty Recipe

There’s Easy Southern Banana Pudding Pie and then there’s Homemade from scratch Southern Banana Pudding Pie.

What’s the difference? Time, effort and the tender loving care that goes into making any thing from scratch by your own hands. “Baking with Love for those you Love” is what my paternal Grandmother called it.

My Dad’s mom wouldn’t be caught dead making something from a box. She’d spend hours in the kitchen, shuffling back and forth between the pantry, the counters and the stove. And her house always smelled so inviting, warm and wonderful.

She and my Grandfather raised 3 boys, until WWII. The middle son, was killed in action in his tank in Germany. Within a year, my Grandfather too had left this world. But even with grown sons, my Grandmother still worked in her garden, canned, cooked and baked. She never had much to dote on her grandchildren. But my sisters and I, who were her only grandkids were treated with some of the best down home cooking you could ever want when we went to visit.
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Recipes – Easy Southern Banana Pudding Pie

bananapudding🍓 A Tasty Recipe

Every summer someone in my family was making banana pudding pie. At least once each month from June to August, it was a summer staple and perfect for the hot days playing outside and celebrating the warm season.

My grandmother always told me there’s only two things you MUST do when making nanner pudding pie; be patient and think presentation. Something she said those in the north don’t get about those in the south.

Down here we’re not in a hurry all the time. We slow down and take our time to do things right. Patience and Presentation are everything to a good Southern Banana Pudding pie.

That starts with the right serving dish. It must be a glass rectangular dish. Typically a Pyrex dish like the one pictured here. It’s not a big deep dish bowl, or a round pie dish or even a small individual serving dessert glass. Bigger or more doesn’t make it better.

If you want to make real “Southern Banana Pie”, it means a dish deep enough for a Nilla wafer to stand up on the side. That’s One wafer, not two rows of wafers. A deep banana pie means you’re serving too much to a guest or jipping them out of a complete delicious serving from top to bottom. Be reserved and think presentation. How it looks is as important in the dish as on the plate.
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Recipes – Southern Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

applebundtcake🍓 A Tasty Recipe

My Aunt Betty loved to bake. And boy was she good at it. She would always invite us over to dinner when we went down to see family for a weekend or week of summer vacation.

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Tea & Coffee – Southern Sweet Tea

iced-teaIced Tea From The South ~

Southern Sweet Tea isn’t unique, but it is certainly different from iced tea made in other places. Why? Well my personal experience has shown that making sweet tea in the north and out west is sweetened with fruit juices, not sugar. Ok if I wanted fruit juice, I’d have some. Can’t stand it when restaurants serve “sweet tea” and it ends up being raspberry tea.

While that might be better for you, um…it’s not Southern! We make our iced tea with sugar, plain and simple. Though some of us may use it with fake sugar, it’s still sugar!

There are two different kinds of Southern Sweet Tea. Sun tea and brewed tea.

Sun tea uses more tea and of course it takes longer to make. But beyond that, they’re virtually the same. Continue reading